1947- 2004

Letter to a friend:

Deceased on august 27, 2004

He was 56 years old
Date of birth 1947

Dear Ernesto:
Yesterday I get freeze when I knew of your deceased.
I have lot of things to write but I cant because it is interminable to say all the things that we shared, we use to talk, laugh and enjoy everything, both of us agreed on our ideas.
Ernesto was an excellent person who loves a lot to his wife Adriana and his children Frankie and Matias, furthermore he was indefatigable fighter for deaf community, his porpous was to improve quality of life for deaf people, he wrote thousands of articles for the deaf community, sacrificing to obtain objectives for that cause.
I have thousands of remembrances, for example Mar de Plata, Congress, birthdays, meetings, parties, etc.
Ernesto was an excellent person, excellent friend, plain and his charisma makes him loveley for all.
I remember on Mar de Plata my nieces use to play with his children, all my family loves them a lot.
He helped me when I need it several times.
When I saw your coffin, I didnīt saw you because you already are with God, and both are going to fight to defend ideals of more than 30 years defending on behalf of deaf community, fight on which you never decline, and looking for a benefit of which have that disability.
Good bye Ernesto and please don’t stop fighting for the well-being of everybody.
Your friend,


Debate in the National Mental Health and Deafness Congress in the year 2000

Ernesto with his beloved wife Adriana and his two children: Frankie and Matias

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